Principal's address

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Principal's address

Dear parents and students:

Thank you for your support and trust in the school. 

Education is a kind of influence and change, good education will influence students'life, because education can change habits and thinking, and then affect people's growth. Education is a kind of cultivation and promotion, nurturing students'morality, enhancing academic ability and values.

You will grow up together with your classmates in Chenghan's safe and comfortable campus, and learn in Chinese and English bilingually, dometically and internationally, cultivating Chinese hearts and becoming an person with international perspective.

Dear parents, when we acceptl your children, we accept a responsibility. We will work with you to make your children develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses in the international curriculum system, to achieve success.

Our goal is to cultivate students to be healthy, objective, socially responsible, good at learning, daring to criticize, caring and able to compete in international affairs.

Let's work together to create a harmonious and progressive learning atmosphere, stay true to the mission, and use the "good" culture to guide the development of the school. I believe Chenghan will leave you happy memories.

Executive Principal: Jackie CHEN